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EmbraceRF Medium Business

Netc EmbraceRF is a complete, turnkey RFID+Barcode asset management system solution. EmbraceRF system components include EmbraceRF software, hardware and services. EmbraceRF software components may include server, database, workstation, Android, mobile, portal and reporting components. EmbraceRF mobile handheld software can quickly toggle between barcode and RFID mode at the touch of a key. EmbraceRF hardware components may include servers, workstations, Android Bluetooth RFID+Barcode scanners, handheld RFID+Barcode data terminals and strategically located RFID portals.

Medium size businesses may custom configure their system by mixing hardware and software to best meet their requirements. A robust cloud-based reporting function enables you to follow assets chain-of custody throughout the asset life cycle. Netc EmbraceRF consulting services are available for project management, software development, site survey, installation, training and technical support to ensure successful project deployment. In summary, EmbraceRF is a flexible, scalable, cost-effective system solution that can be customized and fine-tuned to meet your challenging business requirements.

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